A design based on old-fashion and traditions, a vintage style can look very beautiful. Using several vintage decorations can instill an attractive warmth and solidarity in your environment. Using decorative accessories such as consoles, bookshelves, wooden decor or an old clock can do this for you. Basic knowledge of design styles can greatly help your […]

Rustic designs are inspired by the style of pristine nature. The use of raw and natural/unfinished elements such as wooden beams, reclaimed wood, and stone are the basis of this beautiful interior design. The use of wooden beams on the ceiling or the use of reclaimed wood on the floor is an integral part of […]

The simplistic beauty in Nordic countries is timeless and implemented in interiors often. Scandinavian interiors include light colour palettes with interesting designs of sculptural and natural influence, with warm woods and sometimes bright colours or pastels. The minimal yet clean designs create a calm, pure, (and of course, functional) living atmosphere. Scandinavian wall clocks keep […]

The industrial style is inspired by factories and warehouses that sometimes get renovated into urban living spaces. The “industrial chic” became popularised in the late 2000s and its aesthetic is still popularised. Rustic and neutral colour palettes (with possibly a pop of colour) are used in these interiors with designs of brick, metal and concrete […]

Whilst modern design refers to a specific time period, a contemporary design is for the interpretation of the now’. The definition of a contemporary interior is evolving throughout the 21st century, with a unique and fluid style. Contemporary designs have what modern doesn’t – curves, dynamism, and less compliance to rules. Contemporary interiors both borrow […]