Square gold patina mirrored wall clock hanging in black living room.

How to Decorate Dark Painted Rooms

The living room is both the most popular and essential part of your home. It’s a place that everyone spends much time in, whether it’d be relaxing, spending time with others, or simply watching TV.

The arrangement and colours of the living area become more of a priority the more the room is used. Here, you’ll be advised on the ideal colours and combinations for your living room and Onn Studio’s clocks and wall mirrors.

There are various views on decorating dark-coloured rooms. Contrary to popular belief, the use of dark colours does not necessarily make a room frustrating, boring, or smaller. The right combination of colours creates a warm and cozy environment that gives unparalleled comfort in a living space. Vital aspects you need to consider are the furniture, windows, carpets, curtains, and the harmony of colours with the walls. It’s easy to forget to make sure your room is in harmony – ensure that the warmness/coolness of your paint and décor are consistent. Plus, if you do decide to use some light decoration, it’s best to balance and spread it. Cool, pale colours (like mint or champagne) can achieve an etherealness to the dark room.

Never neglect what you love! A living room has to make you feel comfortable, but by following certain principles, you can achieve both your desired result and a pleasurable one.

Make sure you:

  • Limit furniture and decorative accessories.
  • Use paralleled bright colours for decoration.
    There’s nothing wrong with working with light to add a little brightness and interest, whether that be through décor or lighting. It prevents the room from withholding that cozy feeling. Light curtains brighten walls whilst a light ceiling brightens the entire room a bit more. Beautiful, small spotlights and chandeliers work great against such dark colours.
  • Be bold. Trust your instincts.
    Dark colours are always a bold action. It’s always best to double-check, but also be brave! Magentas and

Merit Home suggests the use of wall clocks and mirrors from Onn Studio which can give a beautiful and special effect to the living room. Feelings of safeness and admiration are induced whenever you enter a room such as this. The designs and beauty of these products have a positive effect on you and your home.

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