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Welcome to Merit, where we sell beautiful, handmade items. We pride ourselves on our quality, design and our attention to exquisite detail. Each piece is created as an item of luxury that can fit any home. Whether it’s antique, modern or a trendy-meets-traditional piece, it will be individually handcrafted with compelling designs that make a happy home.

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Here at Merit, we are devoted to bringing comfort and kindness to homes and to life. Our focus lies on quality, uniqueness and on you. Our artists spend time and effort to bring to life these luxury clocks for you, ensuring that no two clocks are the same. Each clock is in a limited number of designs with it’s own significant, special beauty. We believe handmade items made with care and kindness create an atmosphere in a home like no other.

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In 2016, Merit Home began with us two siblings coming together to build a project with many years of past experience and knowledge. We created something to dedicate our passion to. Inspired and driven, we have come a long way since a simple idea. Now, our items are in homes all over the world.
The team consists of a few number of artists that individually work on the things we create. We believe in passion and comfort for everyone, and we hope you find that here.


Firouzeh Forouzfar (co-founder & managing director).

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