What is the most essential part of the item-creation process? The design? Planning?
Don’t let it surprise you that learning is the most key step of the entire production! We understand that discovering and understanding what you are creating is essential in forming a strong foundation to build upon. It’s simple! The more you know about what you’re trying to accomplish, you’re much more likely to create something that the people will adore.

We have put endless effort the past few years into researching your needs to create the best decor that will fit in your home and achieve perfection.


We understand that there are many wall clocks out there that you may appreciate. Here at Merit, we believe that the art of design is something much more than just the act of creation alone. We have aimed to create something that, not only has a beautiful aesthetic, but wonderful eye-catching features that you can’t ignore – and we can’t do that without doing some preliminary work first! During the design phase, we put heart into considering your views, tastes and feedback, and soul into coming up with four timeless themes that are simply lovely with beautiful vintage-like aspects: our classic collections.


The first step of manufacturing the product is to make the frames from a beautiful oak. Our collections range in shapes, styles and sizes to suit your taste, your home and your lifestyle, so you can choose whichever takes your fancy!


Then comes the painting of the frames. Onn Studio allows you to pick and choose from our many astounding painted frames. We paint each and every frame and item ourselves with passion and delicacy to make sure that you receive a stunning clock with good feelings behind it. The heart of each item contains divine unique art, hand-carved into the wood. Merit Home sets out to bring exquisite uniqueness to the market.


The glass is cut and designed on, all delicately by hand and supervised to ensure that these are being produced to a delightful standard. Our few highly skilled artists then spend lots of time wonderfully painting and crafting each mirror, including designs with vibrant watercolours, calligraphy, and unique artwork.


This may sound easy, but on the contrary, it’s one of the most stressful parts of the entire process.
Not only do we inspect each step of the way, but we must ensure that the clock is assembled perfectly before shipped out to you. The efficiency and standard of each item’s component are tested before sending it out. After all, we want them to reach you in perfect condition. Regular monitoring of the manufacturing process is an essential component of quality assurance at Merit Home.
And it’s done! A beautiful item of decor that looks elegant in your home.


Customer satisfaction to Onn Studio is of utmost important and our customer feedback and positive endorsements are more than valuable. If you’re content with your item, we are too! Merit Home believes that commitment to customer satisfaction beholds a story that lasts as long as your item gleaming on the wall.