Coastal/Hampton Interior Design Styles


 Coastal/Hampton Interior Design Styles

Credit to Chango & Co.,

Due to the very small differences between Coastal and Hampton styles, the two are usually known to be one style format. When we mention Hampton designs, the image of luxurious mansions with large windows, pristine decoration, aristocratic furniture, and cocktail parties are pictured in our minds.
Inducing the feeling of day shine and night tranquillity at the beach is its unique feature. Emerging from the east coast of America, this classic style is a well-known style for the rich and famous.
The use of white and beige colors along with blues and greens is a distinguishing, pretty feature. White walls and ceilings multiply the brightness of the environment and the use of white and beige furniture combined with blue and white colors in the cushions and floor carpets create the relaxing seaside feel.
If you’re interested in this luxury interior design style, Onn Studio can offer you shell and teal colors from our various handmade collections of clocks and wall mirrors.

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