Square black mirrored wall clock hanging in a yellow and grey living room.

Yellow Aesthetic

In terms of painting your living room, a bright yellow would be best used as an accent. A single door, wall, or even edge would suffice to give your room that bright, happy pop. It doesn’t necessarily have to be on the outskirts of the room either – pillows, seats, and rugs are quite beautifully effective, especially on white. A buttercup yellow still works best on a singular wall but allows for furniture and décor with the colour.

Lime greens and creams, and whites, greys, and blacks would look great against a yellow-themed room.

For a simple, decorative effect, click here to check out our Black Mirrored Handmade Wall Clock as shown above, which comes in both square and oversized square, and round and oversized round.

If you’re looking for a living space that feels happy just as a ray of sunshine, then this is the colour for you.


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