Minimalist Interior Design Styles


Minimalist Interior Design Styles

Credit to photographer Max Vakhtbovych

Minimalism is a form of modern art that appeared around 100 years ago and is popular amongst the visual arts today. Its appealing designs are taken from modern ones and simplified, as that’s what minimalism is all about – contemporary elements essentialized into beautiful designs. The minimalist concept is becoming more popular in homes. You’ll find the ‘less is more’ principle being established in décor in many creative ways, with streamlined but non-excessive accessories.
Merit Home brings a range of designs, including the new wave of minimalism. Onn Studio has wall clocks that vary within minimalism, whether that may be because they focus on functionality or clean lines. Either way, many of Onn Studio clocks focus on simplicity that allows for people to have a stylish clock that does not swallow a room and comfortable living space. Some clocks do not feature numerals whereas some feature neutral colour schemes.

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