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Here at Merit Home, we sell beautiful, handmade items. We are made up of a team of artists who individually work on handcrafting our products to perfection – we pride ourselves on our quality, design, and our attention to detail. Each luxury item and its designs come in a limited number of its own signature, special beauty.

Looking for a trade home accessories supplier? Onn Studio by Merit Home will be the perfect match, whether for home or advertisement projects, or for sourcing uniquely, handmade wholesale items, such as wall clocks, wall mirrors, and more.

Our manufacturing artists are capable of creating beautiful, custom designs to each client’s needs if they wish it so – there is nothing more exquisite than handmade items made with care and kindness, especially when building an atmosphere in a home like no other.

Focus on sales and service; leave the hassle to us. We promise we won’t let you down.

We supply trade globally! No matter where you’re based, our trade team has built dynamics with so many designers and stores all over the world and will ensure to source products with the best prices and fastest times for swift and safe deliveries for our clients’ satisfaction.

If you’re interested, don’t hesitate to get in touch about your next project! Submit your details on our Contact Us page, or reach out by calling us on:

07919883837 or emailing

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